Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Save North 40

If you live in Wellesley, you have probably come across the bright orange signs!

Many, if not all of our members, are not impartial to this issue. As artists (and moms) we are inspired by nature. We paint, sculpt or simply seek it. And nothing is more beautiful than bringing your kids, big and little, to the community gardens to marvel at the growing plants, to smell the flowers and observe the bugs and birds and bees ( and sometimes even a deer). If you don't know what Saving North 40 is all about, check out this blog at the Wellesley Sustainable Headquarters. It's a very comprehensive overview!

We found some gorilla art on the fence along the gardens, but it was quickly taken down by the college or the town......We hope it makes you consider saving this beautiful stretch of land.

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