Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Beautiful things...

...happened last weekend in Wellesley Square. The first Art Walk was a great success and we want to thank you for your support.

Here are some photos in case you missed it. Feel free to contact our artists if you have questions or would like to purchase artwork!

                                              Elizabeth Cohen at Wasik's Cheese Shop

                                             Juli Vari at Winston's Flowers

                                Crystalle Lacouture at Isabel Harvey

                                           Jenny Schneider at Kidville


 Laura Fragasso at Moxie

                                      Chelsea Sebastian at Lyn Evans Potpourri

                                  Carolyn Mackin Watson at Benoit and Mizner

                                     Lisa Neighbors at Candy Bar Cosmetics

                                    Ingrid Bergquist at London Harness

                                            Julia Blake at J.P. Licks

                                                   and.....  a few of our artisans!

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